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About Us

Vision Statement-

To break the bonds of hopelessness –poverty, homelessness, crime

Our vision is to feed, clothe and house the homeless/ destitute and aids orphans. To bring rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addicted persons, especially our youth. To create a permanent solution for these people and the aids orphans.-by creating a self help project resulting in self sustainability.

Mission Statement-

To give people back their dignity. To re establish Gods order.

Our mission is to make a difference by bringing back life as God had ordained for all of families to enjoy. To equip them with the word of God thereby strengthening them and teaching skills that will enable them to become self sufficient. The children are our potential future leaders and we must restore social equity in our nation. Empower the children by bringing in care givers to love and care for them and give them a solid foundation entrenched in the love of God.

The Call

Foundation scripture;- Math 25v35
For I was hungry and you gave Me food, I was thirsty and you gave Me something to drink, I was a stranger and you brought Me together with yourselves and welcomed and entertained and lodged Me.

My name is, Ps Maggie Jentison from Christian family Church- I am also the founder member of Homeless in the Park Christian Ministries.  In the year 2005 God gave me a dream in which He instructed me to go to Joubert Park in the city of Johannesburg, feed the homeless and destitute. I obeyed because I knew it was God. The ministry grew, more people joined. God said to me give Jesus to the poor.

Our History and Credibility-background

Homeless in the park is a prophetic prayer ministry that goes to location to teach on prophetic prayer, deliverance prayer to set the captives free. We believe in praying the word of God to affect the birthing of the will and desire of ALMIGHTY GOD in the end times we are living in. Only through prayer will we be able to bring about change.

Through fervent and continued prayer this outreach ministry was birthed - that helps the poor and needy.  We started the ministry in the year 2005 in the city of Johannesburg primarily working in the Joubert Park area. We provide food, food parcels and preowned / clothing for the homeless and the destitute.  We formally registered the ministry in 2009 as a nonprofit organization.  This ministry is also a registered SARS benefit organization.

In the year 2011 -we expanded the ministry to the outlying areas of the Eastrand – we started counseling and ministering to those who are drug and alcohol addicted at a rehab on the Eastrand (The House of Mercy) – We support children’s crèches in the informal settlements- we help churches that are situated in poor areas to enable them to reach out to the community in the direct areas that they are working in.

Equipping for Sustainability (Goals)

Our aim is to start up -ARBOUR CITY- which will host an orphanage for children – skills training centre- rehabilitation of drugs and alcohol addictions- blind school-organic chicken, vegetables and piggery farming- will also become the headquarters for missions in South Africa. A church which will be the central focal point, where lives will be changed, through the love of God and His word. The orphanage will offer trained care givers to care for the children. In this way we will be able to restore hope and dignity back into the lives of many and ensure the future of the children which are the potential future leaders of our country. We must restore social equity in our communities.

The land for Arbour City (property has been identified and we are currently in negotiations with the current owners to sell. The property consists of a school and has many buildings that are perfect for the needs of Arbour City.


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